The Arrowmont campus

The great classroom we stole from the painting class

Serenity just outside our door

The Library

The mess hall - worth the hike every time

Ramps everywhere

the Red Barn residence

the view to our studio garden.

"Don't forget to turn off the irons!"

Another Dye freak succumbs to the spell of the baggies

Carole contemplating her next move

Chris' work in progress

Chris in control

Dorothy launches a new career

Elizabeth Barton

"Fried Eggs In Space"

Janice takes advice well


Mad dyer at work

Teri's garment under construction

Mimi pondering bubbles

my drawings

Nancy at work

Nancy's cactus garden

Phyllis fabricating

Roberta at work

Roberta's Mill

Stephanie at work

forest fire

Teri's magic cloth

Vivian's Ginkos

the magic bench