that's my first batch still wet

the cloth in the fore ground became "Giraffe Crossing Traffic"

we shared the retreat with a bunch of hookers (rug ,tee hee)

Lounging outside the eatplace where each meal was as if we were to be hanged at sunset

the wet studio

across the walkway in the sculpture studio, hookers were dyeing their own wool.

my messy wworkspace

Marlene Glickman setting up her silk dyeing workshop

Rosemary Klaus-Gray with her work in progress

More of my cloth on the line..big pieces all

Rosemary, Pamela Allen and Claire wearing my crocheted silk birthday dreadlock hats-these gals know how to party and run wild. I needed lessons

Mary McBride, the tireless organizer and "mum" of Focus on Fiber at ACA, New SmyrnaBeach FL

Marlene giving me a purple stripe in my hair with Colorhue didnt work