February 17, 2008 - much of the day under Severe Weather Warnings complete with Tornados!

While I was rummaging about in the stash I found these two pieces of hand dyed cotton folded together plotting some sort of action so I obliged them. Together about 42"x42"

I decided to sit and stare awhile and started seeing monsters in the woodwork, well not monsters but things, you know..so I took a digital picture and

brought it into PSP to fool with for a bit and uncovered these two figures. I haven't been this close to representational for (?) so this is a departure.

Once I decided for sure what I wanted, I used a broad brush and Cascade onto dry fabric right on the design wall and then sat back to see what would transpire.

Things were'nt happening much and the Cascade was drying out so I misted the whole thing with water several times. After about an hour, I popped it into the washer along with some nasty work clothes and put a few tablespoons of AntiChlor in the last rinse.

Looks like underpainting.