I decided to set this page up to keep track of works in progress. Going through the studio, I kept coming across things that I know I posted to my blog in the early stages but never came back and updated especially if they took on UFO status. I'm hoping that maintaining this page will prod me to take the steps needed to get these pieces finished. I don't have storage space or patience for slacking junk.

table test
YOW...it's been a year since I updated this page. Lots of stuff has gotten done but I haven't taken the time to document much of it so here goes with a follow up piece in the spirit of "Up On Wheels"
UOW was another Hand-dyed Gone Wrong rescue piece.
This new one (possibly titled AT-AT) differs in that I'm using all hand-dyed antique or vintage cotton damask tablecloths. The design phase of shapes and values was my typical quick and dirty, rip and slash.

Allowing a couple of days of eyeballing and few adjustments, I've used the giant basting stitch on my machine instead of my usual time-wasting hand basting. There are things I want to do to this thing TODAY and I have dentist appointment at 1:30.

and SO down to the kitchen for some discharging:

and then dried and ironed:

I'm unhappy that the discharged lines were not more pronounced but I was terrified to leave the stuff on this old, fragile fabric any longer than I could stand too. I really didn't want to weaken it or make holes.

Feb.17, 2008. I've let this one chill for a while and then, inspired by the "slow cloth" movement I started relocating some elements by cutting them out and hand appliqueing them back elsewhere. I was spending too much time with this piece at arms length and when I brought it back up to the studio, it begged to be flipped!