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I decided to set this page up to keep track of works in progress. Going through the studio, I kept coming across things that I know I posted to my blog in the early stages but never came back and updated especially if they took on UFO status. I'm hoping that maintaining this page will prod me to take the steps needed to get these pieces finished. I don't have storage space or patience for slacking junk.


12-09-2006. This is one of the larger "table moppers" from our last dye session some time in September. It came out with a lot of red splotching on it which I have since been reminded (thanks Empress of Dirt) comes from not thoroughly mixing the dye powder. I wonder if one of those battery powered bar tools would do the trick?
After cutting the yard in half, I laid it out on the kitchen table, misted it good with water and then doodled with Cascade using a hair dye applicator.DISCALIMER - I have no idea how I came to be in possession of such a thing. Let it sit for 10 minutes then folded it lightly and put it on a cookie sheet into a 250 degree oven for just a few minutes. DON'T FORGET TO RUN THE FAN DUMMY. Picked it out with my dead critter tongs and into the Dawn, rinse, Dawn, rinse, AntiChlor bath. A short stay in the dryer and then ironed.
The pieces were mirror images and looked interesting side by side so I seamed the two back together, cut a backing fabric to fit and used Melody's Escape Hatch technique to build the quilt. Now I'm going to let it hang on the design wall for while until I decide to treat it as whole cloth or start making plans to paint or applique on it.


Dec.13, 2006 After much spinning on the design wall, I've decided that this is the orientation that I like the best.
What I'm getting from it is that something is about to happen here. Even though I have replaced about a dozen of the cells with other fabrics there are still serious value issues bothering me. I added a few more last night just pinned on but nothing was moving me. I'm real hesitant to start digging through the fabrics for new colors and I don't want to do any painting until all the stitching is finished. Sheers? Maybe, I'll try some tonight.What I don't want to lose are cool little passages like these;
__________________________Dec. 27, 2006_____________________
I think I'm finally and fully satisfied with this one. The painting seemed to go on forever mostly because I didn't want to stop. Each passage that resolved itself under the brush gave me such a sense of satisfaction. Finally I found myself looking for trouble and decided it was time to call it done

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