A lifetime of attitude.
My work with textiles and the dye and discharge processes has much in common with contemporary painting - the come and go of color, lines and impressions and textures carved into the surface of fabric by threads under tension.

While much of my work is based on the gestures or body language of beings in a group, the execution of the designs is based loosely on traditional quilt construction techniques - textiles layered and stitched.

I combine my love of color and abstract painting with a continuing exploration of the possibilities of fiber art. Although the viewers are discouraged from handling the art, I want them to ache to touch it. Everything I make is about exciting the eye and engaging the viewer with the tactile draw of cloth and the drama of the colors and shapes that hint at mystery, magic and sometimes the sly grin.

2008 The Rose Gallery at the Peabody Auditorium, Daytona FL June 2008
2007 Art Quilts XII: Current- Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler AZ (3 to 5 for Mopery)
2007 “Woodstock Biennial 2007” Woodstock, NY (Cellular Seizure)
2007 "Abstractions, Color & Texture" Aurora Gallery, Petaluma, CA (3 to 5 for Mopery & Cellular Seizure)
2007 - PAQA South Markings (Kodamas I & Skin Keeps Us In)
2006 Art Quilts XI: Stages, Cycles & Fits. (Passing Through)
2006 -NQA 37th Annual Quilt Show - Columbus, OH (Night Traveler)
2006 - Considering Quilts '06" at the Atlantic Center for the Arts (Needle Turning at Sunrise)
2005 Art Quilts X, Xhilarating: Joy in the Making 2005 (The Celebratory Cod is Spared Another Year)
2005 ARTQUILTS-Contemporary Traditions, Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, North Carolina (Night Traveler & Spontaneous Construction)
2004-Fabric of Legacies - Lincoln Center Galleries - Ft. Collins, CO (Mars Ice)
2004 - Atlantic Center for the Arts at Harris House (Blue Oyster Soup & Crackers)
2003 - ARTQUILT layers of meaning, Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, North Carolina (Toad Mola)


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