"Art As Aid" Auction

"High Water Mark" evolved on my new design wall as I watched the news coming from Asia about the devastation caused by the tsunami. I was fascinated with the before and after satellite photos - how the distance could depersonalize the destruction to the point where one could, without emotional response, examine the results of our planet shrugging her shoulders. Merely stretching to get a crick out of her back and our lives change or end. It makes you take a new and appreciative look at the expression "worlds in a grain of sand".
I was still doing my best to make better friends with Big J and decided to finished this piece completely on the machine when one of my former fellow inmates, Russell, sent me an email asking if I would donate a piece of work to an auction being held by local organization he was doing volunteer work with called Art As Aid. Of course I would, so off this one goes to see who loves it best and I get to do my little bit to help those who lost everything to the whim of the earth. This piece is constructed from my own hand-dyed cottons and is 12"x56".


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