Crochet Fever

I should have known better than to open that bag I found in the closet - contents: three giant balls of of white mercerized cotton and a small crochet hook. I am a compulsive crocheter - once I get started I don't stop until I run out of string. Trouble is, according to some, I don't really know how to crochet. I know "moves" instead of stitches, I do everything backwards and inside out, and I can't be bothered to count and keep track so my results are erratic and unique. The first three pieces were hand dyed with ProcionMX after they were created. Then I dunked all five balls of white yarn in the bucket of "sauce" and squirted the dye on right on them. It's taken about a week for them to dry but the last one on the left was crocheted from three strands straight off the balls. They kinda look like body parts, don't they? Now to figure out what to do with them..


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