Fighting With the Machine

Rebuilding my gallery is shaping up to be a real pain in the butt. After spending most of a gorgeous afternoon Saturday taking digital pictures of all my recent work, I sat down at the Computer From Hell and started building the pages. The weather had turned cold and windy and well into an extensive passage of HTML code, which I had NOT yet saved, our power went out and I lost about an hour's work. Small Argh. Crosseyed and cranky, I went to bed. Got started again this morning at 7am and twice the computer puked up some nonsense about "MISSING DLLs" and other dire warnings and once again I lost work before I could save it. Bigger Argh. I spent about an hour diddling this and fiddling that with the CFH only to make things much worse before they got better. What it really needs is a can of Drano. At least I can get a connection now and got an email advising that my entry, "Hush" for the Black, White & Pink challenge on QuiltArt has been posted. Cool.


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