Voodoo Spine Stalls the Great Tree De-Nuding another day.....
That's right you read it correctly. My fully decorated Christmas tree is still up and twinkling if a tad crispy. In a few weeks I can hang painted Easter eggs on it. Another great procrastination scheme overtook me today. After spending last evening ironing the newest batch of hand dyes, I had a need to simply sit and sew. Early this morning - it was still dark out - I picked out three fabrics and nested up on the couch with Voodoo and ripped, pinned, basted and hand stitched on and off all day and am very happy with the results even if it is a crooked little thing. Kinda like my back after sitting side-saddle with 20 pounds of cat on my hip most of the morning.
I have to stop reading the QA list because it keeps giving me agita. Another show was announced with size limits that disqualify three out of four of my most recent pieces. At a whopping 6x18 inches I guess I can send them "Voodoo Spine" as a Foin Aht Mahstapeace.
Nyuk, nyuk,nyuk.


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