Woman On Fire

I have been rummaging through my stash trying to decide which pieces I want wandering the earth as deadlines loom. Instead, I have taken up finishing UFOs. This one has been troubling me for over a year. Finally, finally and although I thought it was going to be a loser, it has turned out really wonderful. Full of mystery and wonder, it evokes a place and time over 50 years ago. I can smell the apples, potatoes and strawberries. Close my eyes and see the dust motes in the air on the beams of sunlight coming through the cracks in the board walls. Feel the brass measuring ring and taste the dirt on my hands mixed with strawberry juice. I was two or three years old and stayed with my aunt and uncle in a roadside produce stand helping by measuring the potatoes into the wooden peck baskets and eating one strawberry for everyone I picked. And all the MacIntosh apples and cider I could eat and drink. Further down this page there are close up images of the beads I made from Crayola Model Magic


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