Computer Cooties

Just when I would like to cart it off for a complete overhaul, I can't. I am just about finished building a website for my friends Chris and Jan at The InSight Group - a soft skills training company located in Atlanta. My first paying customers! So Big Boris decides that it no longer has a burner or any type of CD drive so I have to get these files uploaded to IG's server before it has an anuerysm. In preparation for having my IT guru, Chip, look under the hood, I though I should at least see how deep the crud was piled in the bottom. I brushed and vacuumed and things only got worse.Little did I know that dirt can take on a life of it's own. All this when all I want to be doing is cutting up that dyed cotton twill for my first Bog Coat adventure. What is really holding me up is that after all the trouble I am planning to go to with this garment, when it's all finished and I put it on, I am going to look like Chairman Mao on acid.
...and the world is full of critics


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