"Gates" and the Straitjacket

Got my first look at Christo's latest work - "Gates" snaking gloriously through Central Park. And I thought orange was one of my least favorite colors.
Going back to my "Main Moon" project, I remembered that Ellen Lindner had very generously posted interesting and helpful quilting/sewing techniques on her website and so I clicked on over and stumbled across her Projects page and the phrase "No one guesses that it started life as a sweatshirt" I was immediately plunged back into the depths of "I NEED A COAT" mode (could it be that I spent all of yesterday freezing because I had forgotten to close the fireplace damper?) and I still have the remnants of that cold I got from Pam Rupert's blog. So, in the midst of everything else, I am building a coat from a hideous sweatshirt that I got from Goodwill for 3.95. That reminds me, tomorrow is 50% off day.


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