Rooting in the Stash

My workroom looks like pigs were hunting truffles in there. Finding no truffles, they got aggravated and threw a toga party. I was putting together a giftie and kept finding things that I didn't recognize. What I did recognize was that I hardly have a square yard of anything left and need a Dyefest badly. I went to Goodwill yesterday and came up empty handed but in the antique store right next door I scored a fabulous cotton cutwork tablecloth. Snowy white, it's begging for green and gold and purple, or maybe saffron in honor of the Gates! It's supposed to be sunny and 65 tomorrow compared to the wet gloom going on right now so I have cultivate some patience.
A while ago someone somewhere mentioned Cascade in conjunction with discharging. I found two relatively dark pieces of fabric snuffling about doing nothing so I dragged them down to the kitchen and used a plastic squirt bottle to draw Cascade cooties all over them. In a fit of impatience, I made an Oreo with the goo in the middle of the two pieces of fabric, rolled them into a jellyroll and then stuck the roll into a freeze bag with a splash of water and cooked the whole thing in the microwave for 3:33 - my standard cooktime for anything. The bag was fixing to explode when I opened the microwave so I vented it and then took the contents straigt to the washing machine - a mixed load was waiting. Here's the results:


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