Stormy Weather

In an effort to fend off a variety of anxieties coming at me from different places, I started this little piece yesterday afternoon. The day before, I bought a new computer over the phone from a local shop - one of those places where you pick your components like you were ordering from a Chinese menu. Jake and I picked it up on the way home from his meeting in the midst of a ferocious, summer-style thunderstorm. By dark, half-inch hailstones were splashing into the pool and thundering off the roof. It was Rock & Roll all night long.
Yesterday, it was sunny and a humid 70 degrees all day. I feel as unsettled as the weather. I pulled the fabric for this just to have something soft to hold and fiddle with. I think I'll start sewing pearls on a stuffed bunny so I won't sew them onto any more quilts. The new machine is a real Ferrari and all the peripherals work like a charm, even the cranky scanner.


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