Valentine's Day

I hate Hallmark Holidays but this year, my husband Jim treated me to a special evening. I am one of those lucky women who found the right guy the first time around - in my case, 27 years ago. Jimmy has been supervising the creation (it's so much more than mere construction) on SHOUT, a new restaurant in Atlanta, for months and staying at the Sheraton since the ice storm. Oh, he's come home for clean laundry every four or five days but we keep in touch. Last night I groped my way through the fog into the city with electric curlers still in my hair. These gorgeous roses were waiting in the hotel room and when we went down to dinner, we were treated like royalty. After burping, belly-rubbing and Elvis on PBS, I came home with my roses which are now shut up in the bathroom otherwise Jinx, the one in the blog coat, will snap each bud off it's stem and fang it full of holes.
So I get to sit on the can and contemplate true love. Thanks Sweetie.


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