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I have to stop and give thanks to all the dieties for four great boons that I have been granted recently. Three will remain private.The fourth being this glorious spring day that is now crowned with a glorious full moon. I just came inside after taking my skin and my tarot cards out for a long overdue blessing. I haven't seen the full moon all winter!

I'm half blind and my fingers are numb from fiddling with my new toy, er tool. I was lucky enough to get into a Time Management Using a PDA class that included getting the Dell Axim 30 at a great discount. I haven't had a watch I liked in years and never could figure out how to set the alarm anyway. When I left my friend Jan waiting for me to get her to the airport because I had the wrong day in my brain, I decided that I HAD to get some kind of timepiece. They still don't make a cell phones as useful as this little bugger once I get all the details crammed in and ironed out. All I need to do is remember to keep it charged up and keep it away from hurking kitties.
Here's is a look at the hand-dyed scarves I am getting ready for fairs and festivals this coming fall. I have a few sarongs and canvas bags in equally riotous colors.


Balwearie said...

Mmmmmm.... those scarves look absolutely delish! We haven't seen the sky here in several days, much less last night's full moon. Pout. I'm glad to hear the dieties have blessed you and the PDA looks like loads of fun. Hurking kitties....that reminds me.. gotta go clean up the laundry room!

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