the Cascade Molas become one

Here is what I am doing with those pieces that I discharged with Cascade last week. The black flannel is very easy to clip, roll and finger press into shape. The hard part is knowing when to stop.

Yesterday was one of Those Roller Coaster Days.First, news that my good friend Noel Cooper was undergoing emergency bypass surgery, then I take a few hours seeing someone off and dueling with the TSA at Hartsfield Airport. Go directly from the airport to the Jacqueline Casey Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth to meet with the Education Director, Nadine Aberdeen who has graciously offered to host the next meeting of Fiber Fandango. She is also interested in having someone develop and teach fiber art classes at the center. Did I hear a GONG? To frost the cake of this day, I got home in time to catch the opening frames of a migraine directly related to something I ate a the Taqueria with Mary and Barb the day before - I should have skipped the queso dip and had a margarita.
A day later, my head still feels like a rotten melon.


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