Easter Feasters

Jake stumbled downstairs and picked the blue and yellow eyeballs off his chocolate bunny and then snapped it's neck with a satisfyingly hollow "POP".
I didn't even color any hardboiled eggs this year. We did grill some steaks in the pouring rain and blew up some Peeps in the microwaves. The Incredibles,Deadwood and Carnivale were most entertaining. So much for Easter in a house full of Pagans.

This piece was covered with rows of beaded fringe peeking out from the layers of fabric. What took me all day yesterday to do, took about 10 minutes to undo today. I added the blue pieces in and really like what has turned out. Now, if I can get my machine fixed tomorrow, I will be using this technique for my Straight&Narrow challenge piece.


Mrs. Mel said...

I LOVE this piece. It is so loose and textured. Beads would seem so inappropriate. The turquoise is the perfect compliment to that combination of warm colors.
Good luck with the machines.

7:07 AM  
Sonji Hunt said...

Seriously, I'm not Melody's flunky, even though it seems like it. I came to this site independently and I decided to comment before I saw that she had.
After all that qualification, I love the ragged edges on this piece. I'm working on something similar today and was pleased to see your piece. I agree that the beads are most likely better removed. I can't picture them working. The way the strips are stacked up from one another is like striations in rock. Very cool. I'm interested to see your long and straight challenge using this technique.

1:35 PM  

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