Frog's Hide

A few folks have expressed interest in how this "Frog's Hide" came to be. I do a version of low-water dyeing that would scandalize a purist.I soak plain white muslin in a soda ash solution and then wring it out.This piece was cut from a bolt of 120" wide muslin and I didn't realize that it was folded in half lengthwise. I accordion pleated it in roughly 2 inch pleats, twisted it back on itself and then, with squirt bottles, liberally applied avocado and emerald green and a bit of golden yellow. Crammed the whole thing in a quart sized baggie and let it rest about 2 hours before I got around to rinsing it out by laying our on the deck boards and blasting it with the hose. When it gets warmer, I'll dump all the fabric to be rinsed in a big tub and make wine with my feet!


Karoda said...

Cool Deb! I love the green too! And your method, hey, its whatever works, right?!

7:19 PM  
Rayna said...

AHEM - I came looking for the pictures of your dyed arms and I get fabric. What a disappointment.

9:17 PM  
deb said...

sorry Rayna - it was really so disturbing to look so assaulted! I slathered my arms in very gooey cold cream, wrapped strips of muslin around the mess for the day and then took a long hot soak. 98% clean now and not picture worthy.

8:35 AM  
Balwearie said...

Thanks for 'splaining how you did that! I can see I'm just gonna have to get me some cloth and go to it!

12:58 PM  

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