I promised myself I was going to take the day and sew. Now in mid-dash, I have to stop and consider. Good rule that I rarely follow, except today my Janome threw a shoe and the deposed Queen Kenmore could not be coaxed to behave even for just two layers of muslin and some rayon thread. She is still sulking over having been deposed a year ago by Big J. A while back, I pulled her out of a well-deserved retirement to rescue me at a deadline- the new machine had acted up only because this ignorant owner had put the wrong type of bobbin in it's picky guts - and she saved the day. I know she probably doesn't like that superfine bobbin thread but I couldn't change in mid-project, so here I am stuck a yard or two shy of a bed-sized wallwork in the same family as last year's Spontaneous Construction which was also machine pieced from my own hand dyed muslin. Monday, I will haul both of them down to my friends at A1 Sewing Machine and see just what is going on.


Diane said...

Ooh! This is beautiful! And I love how it glows up against your window! Sorry you had to deal with a machine malfunction to interrupt your progress. How frustrating!

10:06 PM  
deb said...

Unfortunately, the glow will be lost once I add batting and backing. The actual colors are rather muted but they fit well together.

10:20 PM  
Mrs. Mel said...

I love the title Spontaneous Construction.
I am guessing the 6500's bobbin case was the problem. I had to replace mine almost immediately. Other than that it has worked perfectly all year.

7:34 AM  

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