New Shoes & the "DOH!" Moment

Whoa! Debra! Your new shoes are amazing but I can only imagine how they would look in size 10 wide. Like creatures from Mars, no doubt. Shoes are always cute in 6 or 7. I'm always looking for something to put on my feet that just feel OK. It's gotten so that what they look like is almost irrelevant. So here are my newest, cheepo acquistions before they get too cruddy looking. Inside the shoe there's a url, http://www.onyourfeet.com/ where they have some pretty freaky footwear. My are totally unconstructed, little more than cotton slippers with a hard sole. Still, I wore them all weekend down in Florida and they never pinched or blistered me.

Speaking of Florida, I just realized after several email exchanges that I was privileged to take Pamela Allen's classes with Ellen Lindner. Yep, that Ellen Lindner of Adventure Quilts where I have learned so much and got the first inkling that I wanted to make a Bog Coat. I have spent the better part of this rainy, cold day working on it. It should go well with the blue shoes for my trip to the funny farm. And here's another critic heard from. I stopped her before she spit on it.


Balwearie said...

Perhaps your "shop assistant" is just jealous because that's a human bean-sized coat and not a cat-sized coat.....

11:34 AM  

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