What better way to celebrate the Spring Equinox than to have a dye-fest. Here's some of the proceeds of the day. Now to haul everything off to la Lavanderia for a serious washing and then iron everything. Maybe tomorrow....


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Great hand dyeds! Would you be willing to explain how you did the green piece? That's my favorite!


8:15 PM  
Balwearie said...

Oooooh beeeauuuutiful! I like the green too and would love an explaination.

5:33 PM  
debra said...

The orange/fuschia piece is speaking to me. I was wondering about those marvelous lines and colors and how you got them. Then my coffee kicked in enough for me to say: oh... deck railings. Nevermind.

Very cool stuff. And dyed crochet work? terribly cool.

10:06 AM  
Mandi said...

I love that knitted piece. So cool. Did you knit it yourself?

8:12 AM  
deb said...

I can only handle one stick at a time.
It was crocheted from three strands of white Aunt Lydia's cotton. I got carried away as this piece is 10-12" wide and about 12 feet long. A Dr. Who choker.

9:16 AM  
Frances said...

I love these dyes my favourite are the blues and purples but the dye crochet has given me an idea I have a white knitted cotton cardi don't think it is going to stay white! thanks,

5:43 AM  

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