Spring Nights in Georgia

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The weather here in Georgia sucks for the most part because it's boring. I grew up in the Hudson River Valley area of New York.In between the Appalachians and the Atlantic, our weather could be summed up in one word, "changeable". Here the seasons seem to sneak up on one another and you hardly notice the transitions unless there are weather events like 1/2 inch of wet snow, when all the locals lose their minds and forget how to drive.
Yesterday, in the middle of Spring, we had a beautiful Summer day, clear skies at nearly 80 degrees. As evening came on, the breezes stilled and the birds went quiet. I went out onto the deck to get some fresh air and before my eyes, the trees lit up like Christmas trees with bad wiring. Yellow pinpoints of light flickered from the edge of the treeline all along the stetch of back yards and deep into the woods. All at once the fireflies decided it was time to hook up and get busy. Magic! I ran for my camera only to remember that I had no idea how to go about getting pictures in the dark - forcing the lens to stay open and collect any ambient light it could find. So I set it on manual and just started pushing buttons and taking shots as the party went on in the trees. In this shot you can see two fireflies and one star. Pity the camera cause I saw it all


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

This is very cool and a great lesson. I definitely need to play with my camera more and learn it's secrets (especially the manual stuff) so I don't miss any great opportunities as I try to figure things out.

Love your blog, your blog title and the sidebar, especially the mood thingy. Where did you get it? I have unky moods, but I love the way the hair moves on yours.
Keep up the great work,

10:48 AM  
Balwearie said...

Poor little camera! What a sight to see and not be able to photograph. At least you have it in your memory. We had 75ยบ weather here in Virginia yesterday. Now it's gloomy as all get out and I'm stuck at work. Very glad you added a touch of magic to my day!

1:46 PM  

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