the Straight & Narrow

OK, Sonji, here's my Straight & Narrow entry finished in the nick of time. For lack of a whole lot of thinking about it, I called it "Striae". The whole thing was built by hand because I had to leave both of my sewing machines at A1. Seems like I have not only shot the needle right through the bobbin case and dented the little cutter widget, I've screwed up the timing in the process. Good thing I was in the mood for some hand work The best part about this challenge - I like the results of layering the muslin so well, I plan on doing some really big pieces using the same process only I will definitely wait until I get my machines back.

I suppose orientation is not a real issue with non-representational work but my intention was to display this vertically. To save space here, I've given it a nap.
Here's a detail:


Carol Logan Newbill said...

hmm.... what happened to the comety piece? Or was that someone else and I am confused?

4:10 PM  
deb said...

"Night Traveler" is in my gallery and is going to do some traveling this year.It was my first shot at the S&N challenge and I wasn't paying strict attention to the size while I was working on it so it was off about a foot from the 1:5
proportion rule. No way was I going to change the design to accomodate challenge rules so I just moved on, more carefully.

4:36 PM  
Sonji Hunt said...

Lovelovelovelovelove it! Exactly what I envisioned. I am definitely pleased. Love the colors, love the ragged "deckled" edges, love the layering, love that it is supposed to be vertically oriented and you only posted it horizontally to save space....LOVE IT.

5:53 PM  
Carol Logan Newbill said...

A good move, moving on to the next piece!

I'm glad that my memory was not at fault, and I am stricken with shame to realize that I did not say anything about how much I like this piece too.

Put it down to HTML brain freeze. Or something.

7:17 PM  
Claire said...

I love that you have left 'nap' and the colours a fab.

5:13 AM  
Deborah said...

I love the shadows in your close up too. Really really good stuff. You have such a wonderful recognizable personal style. What a gift.

7:43 PM  
debra said...

Love the construction... Love the colors.. love everything about this.

OK, the evil twin sitting next me has to ask: how you gonna quilt it??

(nope... it wasn't me, it was my evil twin Wendy...)...

10:20 AM  
deb said...

Wendy - With this narrow piece, I thought letting the stitching show would be too busy and distract from the design.I don't know if the tight running stitch that holds each piece (all the way through base, batt and back!)qualifies as quilting because you can't see the rows of stitches unless you look up under the flaps. {{oh well}}. The next one will be machine quilted/constructed and I have decided to let several rows of machine stitching be visible. We'll see if it works as well.

10:48 AM  
Frances said...

I love your straight and narrow and am interested that you are working this way, it is similar to my ribbon wall hangings and I have a curved and narrow ufo that is waiting for me to finish the eges with thin pliable wood, I think sitching though 3 layers is quilting, am interested very much to see the next version deb, thanks,

6:01 AM  
Elle said...

I love this piece! "Striae" is such a perfect name for it!

11:38 AM  

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