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I call this "Mary Gets The Word While In The Company Of Hipsters". Sometimes things just come together in ways that give me a shiver. This piece of green monk's cloth came from the dye-fest. I love this stuff. Warm, cuddly and it will fringe itself to raggedy death if you don't stop it. In high school I made a sort of poncho out of some blood red Monks cloth -really a blanket with a hole in it- and wore this trademark garment, my tragic, bad teenaged judgment fashion statement, until it fell to pink rags in my senior year. This green piece kept curling up on itself around the edges as I tried to iron it without snagging it to bits. It was just begging to frame something unique so I started casting about in my torn up studio for other fabrics to join it. I turned to the favorites basket and then saw a piece of salted batik sneaking out of a bag. It was that image infested piece that I just have to get more of. I started looking for faces and strange and wonderful things just jumped out at me. Vin Scelsa was working his wonderful Idiot's Delight magic from my little MP3 player and I just started nailing the story down.here is a large view and details one, two and three. I wonder if other people can see what I see in the batik. At least this time it wasn't devils.


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Oooh! I love the faces! I see them all the time in printed fabric, but I've never noticed them in batik before. Time to start looking more closely. Thanks for the inspiration.

9:48 AM  
Sonji Hunt said...

Now, this is the piece that you asked me about on my blog, right? I don't think that you should take anything off. Remember... MOREISBETTERMOREISBETTERMOREISBETTER!!!!!!!!! BTW, I love your website. Sonji

1:40 AM  

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