colors and emotions

It's been a roller-coaster week for me emotionally. Now that the Braves have finished off the Mets in the home opener at Turner Field, I would like to sleep until Sunday but there are Things To Do. I just hope that some of the things I wind up doing are creative and not just "dog paddling". All this talk of stash building on the Quilt Art mailing list has inspired me to a little shopping. Still a little wound up, this is what I bought yesterday:

Not satisfied (and I found another batch of coupons) I went to another store today, in a better and different frame of mind. Here's the catch of the day:

There are some cool monsters hiding in the red batik. I saw them in the checkout line.


Karoda said...

I love them all...especially the batiks...

I started placing free hand cuts randomly on a solid background today without any intent and it now feels like "dog paddling".

5:47 PM  
debra said...

Another baseball fan?? How Cool. (even if apparently is the Braves...).

4:37 PM  

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