dog paddling and how to stop

Here's that piece I have been hand quilting for a few days. Looking at it through the veiwfinder I can see there's not much going on and no amount of hand quilting is going to help it. I have to stop. The horizontal bars were originally machine stitched to the background. I actually removed all the machine stitching and hand appliqued them in place.It's big too -36x46 or more. What form of insanity is this? What am I running away from now. Let me make a list...


Sonji Hunt said...

I like this a lot. I'm into making vertical bars for some reason. Perhaps we both need to add more structural elements to our work and this is how we are working it out. The color is appealing and I am enjoying the simplicity of the composition. What is the hand quilting like? I'm wanting to do this also. I might have to start stalking you now, Deb, if we keep having these parallels.

2:26 PM  

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