UFOs Can Be Your Friends

....if you don't succumb to the urge to feed them into the shredder. I have to remind myself that the very first piece I ever sold, "Parking Magik" spent time wadded up in a ball under my work table because I missed the trash can and it was too big to go into my dinky little home shredder. Had I been at the office where the shredder eats Yellow Pages whole....Not that these pieces have been frustrating me that badly. They just hang about waiting, making little throat noises, little restive program rattlings while I try to do other things.
In a mad desire for order in a chaotic world, I cleaned the studio yesterday to where I can turn around without knocking over stacks of folded fabric with my butt and I can use the ironing board AND the design table. In the process I sorted through my UFOs and started addressing them one at a time, in rotation. I worked on four things at once most of yesterday and into the night right through the spring storm complete with thunder, lightning and kidney bean sized hail. I could only imagine the frogs ducking for cover.
This was started in Pamela Allen's class at the ACA down in Florida. There are lots of things I like and don't like about it so it's far from done. Although it wasn't my intent, I am starting to think about this as a self-portrait complete with demon voices.
This one excites me. I have a whole series planned using the crazed crochets I made and dyed a few months back. First in my "Alien Autopsy" series, as yet untitled, I have some unique embellishments planned for this one.
I have to start moving better pictures of my finished stuff into the gallery AND take a look at some looming deadlines (Thanks to Lyric Kinard) to see what should go where.


DebR said...

Oh man, that first one is creepy (in a good/interesting way). It's like the demons are surrounding you and sucking out your energy with their scary tentacle tongues. (shiver). I think it could be good. Hope you finish it!

10:42 AM  
Logan said...

I don't know - I'm seeing the top one more as an example of the whole family wanting that last lick of frosting from the bowl. Of course, the smartest one scooped it first with her hand. Greedy siblings - stop trying to lick my hand!

I really like the Alien Autopsy piece - I had hoped those great free style crochet pieces would feature somewhere. Is it the gland that makes the cool grey-green goo that the aliens leave dripping down the walls after a visit?

8:48 PM  

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