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I'm back from a wild week in NY with my family. It's been a long and eventful year since we were all together and this big gathering was to celebrate my twin nephews' first birthday. Reno and Ryder are the most amazing little people and that business about twins having a secret language is absolutely true. My folks did not know I was coming so that surprise was icing on the cake. I think I am off the hook for Mother's Day. The babies were In The House with all the paraphenalia required. I had forgotten what amazing little energy vampires kids are and Twins! Lordy I was exhausted after three hours. They say when you work out with weights you should start small and and gradually add weight in increments. Capturing giant racing babies (25 to 30 pounds each) and hoisting them aloft repeatedly was a bit much for this old babe.

On Friday I took my Mom on an outing and we were up to no good. We hit the Spring Rummage Sale at the Katonah Presbyterian Church where I scored a bundle of antique cotton table cloths, curtains and placemats for a whopping $3.25! I can't wait until I get these into the dye baths. Then we drove up route 100 and discovered King Kone was open for business where they make Coffee Thick Shakes fit for queens. Still heading north, we stopped off at Salinger's Orchard store looking for Picallili. No luck but I did get a loaf of Asiago cheese bread which we made monster grill cheese sandwiches with for dinner. Did I mention my Mom is about 100 pounds soaking wet?

Saturday I went over to Somers to the Northern Star Quilters Guild World of Quilts show to be stunned into humility by exquisite designs, amazing technical virtuosity and just plain gorgeous works by artists too numerous to mention here. I will say that I bumped into ribbon winner Jeri Riggs, saw work by Melanie Testa, and attended a great lecture by Melody Johnson. And then there was the shopping....Later that evening I met an online friend and fellow Idiot's Delight Fan for dinner where I presented her with "Rosie Rushing Home" as a housewarming gift. The minute I heard she was moving, the pieces of this little quilt just jumped out begging to be made. After dinner I spent the evening driving the dark and rainy roads of Westchester and Putnam counties while listening to Vin Scelsa do his Idiot's Delight radio show on WFUV FM.
Sunday dawned wet and cold but as the guests arrived, the sun broke through and a splendid time was had by all. Only family would be interested but here is a link to the scads of photos I took that day.

This is my new studio mascot Leggs, a gift from my sister Patty who told people that the first thing I would do with it would be to put him on my head like a hat. She was right! Leggs caused quite a stir with the TSA folks at the airport. Overheard at the xray station "Ain't cha nevah seen a ocotpus???" He makes a great travel pillow andspeaking of flying, I have to give all props to Independence Air. Keep Flapping! I loved everything about the flight but I wished that someone could have helped me find my damned car once I was back in ATL. ONE HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES I wandered the concrete canyons whistling for my Honda in crowds of Lexi, Beamers and Navigators. I was so sure someone had stolen her! I cried for ten minutes out of fatigue and frustration then, reasoning that weeping wasn't getting the job done, I finally found a map, a few landmarks and finally found my car. My feet still hurt!


Elle said...

What a cute pic of the little twins!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

I love Independence Air too! Nice flights for a decent price.

9:51 AM  
Scrapmaker said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the quilt. Jen

10:30 AM  

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