The Confusion Lifts over "Sweet & Sour"

It's interesting how much can be said with how little.
Is anyone else out there a fan of "Deadwood"? If you haven't watched it, don't say I didn't warn you about the language. One of the things that fascinates me about the show is how the division between social classes is demonstrated by the use of language. The writers have taken the pompous verbosity of Victorian English to ridiculous extremes where characters will expound for five minutes and say next to nothing. Then there are the characters who aspire to the upper crust who misuse every fifth word and liberally sprinkle the conversation with the worst profanity. And then there are the plain spoken folks who don't embellish and only swear when it's called for - and in such a harsh and dangerous environment, it's called for often. One episode from last season has the main character having urgent conversation with the leader of the Oriental community who seems to have the use of only one English word, C**ks**ker!. Between them, they worked it out. I thought it was just hilarious! This season, there is much emotional and sexual tension all around the camp and when all the high toned words fail on a regular basis, the wonderful actors and actresses say everything that matters with the most subtle of looks or gestures. It's breathtaking if you pay close attention and observe the dichotomy between what is said and what is really meant.

This is the piece I struggled with all day yesterday - "Sweet & Sour", 21x35 hand dyed cottons, machine appliqued. I spent the morning sewing the shapes into place with the machine. Now I can do the hand quilting I had in mind in the first place. It's interesting how much can be said with how little.


ginger said...

ooooh I like this...the sharp corners with the clouds on top!! Sorry about the dental stuff...I am a dental hygienist and regularly inject poor folks like you....today I had a gal who said she felt high??? Ginger

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