Dirty Pool

We should all look so good in the early morning light.The name came to me as I was working on the machine quilting. This is one of the 15x15 picnic napkins that I painted on a week ago. Although it doesn't show in this picture, I used a few different metallic threads and for once, had no aggravation with the choice. I think I have cursed the Janome into submission, threatening to break out the old Kenmore which I have not even test driven since I had it tuned up for only the second time in 29 years. Hmmm, it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow.


Balwearie said...

That is one kewl pewl! I like the dyed napkin idea. At the very least, it makes a great foundation and I luv the fringe.

11:22 AM  
Claire said...

The colours on this piece are fantastic! The machine quilting is great, it gives a lovely flowing look.


7:41 PM  
Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I love it! The lines, the colors, the shapes, the composition! A masterpiece!

9:10 AM  
Nicky said...

I agree about the flow of this piece. Very nice. The colours are great too.

9:41 AM  
arlee said...

MMM looks like a tidal pool at ebb---peaceful---very soothing

10:39 AM  
Sonji Hunt said...

Beautiful, Deb. I love the color and the stitching. It meanders so thoughtfully and peacefully. Wonderful line.

10:23 AM  
Frances said...

wonderful Deb, I agree with all the other comments its great,

3:43 AM  
Susan said...

The changes in your line density just GRAB me! Very nice!

Now let me go!!!

2:32 PM  

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