For the Shoe Freaks out there

While I was picking up the lunch makings at Publix on Sunday morning, I spyed these hanging on a rack with beach toys. Improbably light, I think they are made from overprocessed marshmallows. $4.99 plus tax and I have happy feet. And now, to the serious business of art. I was moving pieces around, stepping back to look, pondering and thinking to myself "yeah, it looks like a Chagall...Mortimer Chagall" and my son wandered through the room. He looked it over a bit and pronounced it a "turd picnic". Now if I can only keep from sewing my fingers together while laughing as I sew it at the machine.


Jenni said...

LOL your son has quite a way with words. Love the shoes!

10:58 AM  
Elle said...

LOL! Your son is hilarious! Kids. Gotta love 'em! LOL!

2:14 PM  
Elle said...

Actually it reminds me of looking down into a tidal pool.

2:15 PM  
ginger said...

maybe you should name it after sonji who has a way with turds...ha ha...Ginger

10:16 PM  

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