The Great Fuzilli...

I spent the morning on my first attempt at fusing. As usual, I let the technique take over my thinking and should have spent more time with the design. Result - I'm not thrilled with the results. I can't blame it on the fusing which is only a different kind of tool for me and, since unfamiliar, more pesky than the pins and such I use now. I wanted to use the package of SteamAseam 2 on a large reproduction of an art deco floor tile that I enlarged, printed and transferred to freezer paper but there was not enough so I took of using it on some of my most recent store-bought batiks. The kind with monsters lurking if you look hard enough. The jury is out.


Sonji Hunt said...

I'm so happy that you finally tried fusing. This looks very interesting (that's what people say when they aren't sure, right)because you have tons of textural overlapping elements, which is what I like to look at and make myself. It looks congested in the middle, though. If she were mine, you know I'd be cutting this baby up the middle to relieve that issue. I always like to have an element like that to design around. Very visually interesting. What about some directional stripping through the middle? Anyway, it isn't perfect but it has tons of possiblities.

4:57 PM  
arlee said...

I like the fact that it looks so complex and a lot like butterfly abstractions--but what are those 2 little aliens doing there in the middle? :}

10:04 PM  
deb said...

So I'm not the only only one who sees them! I did see the faces in the batik and placed them together. What they are up to I don't know.

11:02 PM  
Karoda said...

I see a cosmic explosion going on...love the hot center that turns cool with the blue.

7:29 AM  

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