It was a great dye in Lawrenceville, fans! Who knew open-air fiber work could be so exhausting. I could barely clap my paws together for Bo. The votes are in and painting the fabric before dyeing it can work if you don't rush into things. I should have used more paint, brighter colors and given a little more thought to color combinations when I picked a dye color to go under a paint color. I didn't bother to post pictures of the worst failures because there's nothing to see. The dye is stronger than any painted affects but I was using metallic paints like gold, silver, copper and pewter, little more than glitter bound together with glue. Next batch, I will use more intense and opaque colors
Here's a couple of finished pieces. Click on these little pictures to go to larger ones and here is a complete list including some detail shots.


Karoda said...

Ya done great! The last piece in the directory was a wow piece!

So the pieces that had the metallic paint showed up better under the dye?

8:36 AM  
Cathy said...

I like the scale piece, wasn't it fun to play?

10:29 AM  
Sonji Hunt said...

I think they are all wonderful. I love first one with the circles, of course. The second one is very subtle and those usually yield the best crop of ideas. I like the last one, too. It looks like a finished piece already. You could simply stitch that one.

And those velvet pieces. YUMMY. So lush. What a beautiful image of them gently blowing in the wind.

Also, Cascade? I don't think that I would have ever thought of trying that. Very clever. I'm sure that you will find good use for this unusual piece, Deborah. But, thanks for the warning.

10:34 AM  
debra said...

I love, love LOVE gold scales and murk. fabulous pieces. All of them are great, but those two... (sigh)...

and these were all done on damask??

When you did the Cascade, what did you neutralized the silk with?

7:24 PM  

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