Slapped upside the Head with a Cod

I spent the day battling treefrogs for ownership of my swimming pool. Long overdue spring cleaning has turned it into their private Shangri-La. So now, nursing aching bones, bugbites and sunburn, I settled in to catch up on blogreading and emails. Thanks Melody for leading me to the websites of two stunning artists - Eleanor McCain and Patty Hawkins. Stunning and provocative work. My third eye boggles.


PaMdora said...

Oh boy, do I know what you mean about tree frogs! At our previous house, we built a Japanese garden with a pond and after the second year the frogs took over. We couldn't sleep all summer they were so loud. After that we started catching them and taking them to the park, but it was best to start very early in the spring and catch the few before they invited all their friends over for a big party!

10:28 PM  
debra said...

What IS that thing on your head?? is that a tree frog?? It looks like a mutant green-grey mouse...

10:30 PM  

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