Velvet Lashes

As ever, the velvet scarves came out great. I was working for some darker, autumnal colors and got just what I was looking for but I forgot about the greens.


Logan said...

Gorgeous! Incredible! Rich! I just want to wrap myself up in them. But you say you forgot the greens!!!? Oh well, those warm luscious chocolates, reds and bronzes make up for the lack of green.

Did you only do velvet scarves? Or did you sneak some cotton in there too (or maybe some knickers)? When my dyes arrive, I'll be throwing in the knickers for sure.

9:40 PM  
Elle said...

Love the colors!

3:38 PM  
deb said...

I did wind up with a bra that has one lime green cup. T shirt to match. Looking at the pictures, I wish I had done a few more blues and greens. We have more to do in the future.

3:43 PM  

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