When is Dwelling on Kitchen Utensils...

...an acid flashback? I was in the dentist's chair of horrors this morning at 8am. Six hours later I was home with a temporary crown and a head full of cement.I still can't feel my nose.
To soothe a craving for some handwork, I spent yesterday afternoon making a top using some hand dyes and a freemotion kind of cutting, and came up with some very organic shapes and candy box colors. This afternoon I measured, cut and assembled this piece three times with three different battings because I didn't like the way they felt. Now that I have spent two hours hand stitching several of the elements in place, I have decided I want to machine stitch them down and spent another 30 minutes picking out the hand stitching. In the middle of all this, while grilling burgers, I was hypnotized by the spatula. Now that is a weird word. SPATULA. I bought this one from and army surplus store in Provincetown, MA in 1969. Chrome over brass. What the heck did Dr. B. shoot me up with???


Logan said...

When you find out what you were on, ya wanna share? Sounds like more fun than my day.

2:43 AM  
deb said...

Before he started, I complained of how the novocaine he usually used left me feeling nauseaous and headachey all day so he said he would try another mix. It's 23 hours later and I still have a numb spot from under my nose down to my chin on one side.
But what do you think of the magic SPATULA? Guess what I'm gonna do.

8:08 AM  
DebR said...

I can see WHY you were fascinated by the spatula! When the pic first came up, I thought I was looking at a way-cool piece of dyed or painted fabric!

My sympathies about the chamber of horrors. :-/

9:38 AM  
Anonymous said...

I would have been hypnotised by it too! It's fantastic!

8:49 PM  
Vicky aka stichr said...

omg...i have been in the same army surplus in provincetown sometime around that era. love your work, colorful, i like that! catinthebatt.blogspot.com

4:51 AM  
Frances said...

love the art spatula, all my sympathy with the crown which I hope is fine now,

3:27 AM  

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