blogger grief

Murphy's Law in action! Today I recommended Blogger to two, make that three people and Blogger goes and makes some sort of improvement and now the main body and the menu of my blog refuse to coexist in the same place. I sent an email to the help humans. Now lets see if they can help me resolve this aggravation.


kay susan said...

About your blogger grief. I had it too, and on the same day. My problem was that the sidebar slid right down to the bottom of the page and made it miles long with a lot of empty space. It turned out to be that one of the lines of text in my post was too long. Then it happened again when I used the new image facility in blogger and increased the size of the picture. When I cut the picture down to size the problem resolved. Don't know if this helps but at least you know there is a fellow sufferer!
I like the new import image, but it sure does take a lot of fiddling about to get the pics and text where you want them. And the preview looks nothing like the published post!

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