Fiddleheads and Fireflies

Here's a detail from "Fiddleheads and Fireflies".
I have been sitting on this one for a while now not quite sure how to proceed. Fiddling around with the little Hotcakes. Gnashing my teeth over the improvements to Blogger that have screwed my template up (this writing could all be in vain) and generally wasting time that I don't have anymore now that I am working part time. Anyhow, I'm hooked pretty hard on these metallic threads and I have some beads that will be just perfect IF I don't get carried away with them. This piece has cast a spell over me, odd shape and all.


Elle said...

Beautiful fabric. It really does remind me of a space photo!

8:58 AM  
gabrielle said...

yahoo, you clever girl..you got your template fixed.Not as beautiful as you first but really shows the work well. The new fiddleheads and fireflies is so ethereal...very beautiful.

10:30 AM  

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