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Until I can resolve the issues that this blog is having, I have created another place to showcase the epidemic of small things coming out of my studio, thanks in part to Sonji. Girl, it's your fault. I also want to thank Melody for listing Duane Kaiser's website "A Painting A Day". Absolutely inspirational. As soon as I get these little things out of my system, I can get back to putting those big muthas together.

And you are right, Shoshana, nature always does it best. In the last few days, our property has become the playground of a family of barred owls. Two teenage owlets, Clumsy & Noisy, fly from tree to tree chirrrruping, Mom (or Dad?) always close by watching. They move from the trees at the back of the property to the grove up front and back again at dusk.
The cats laze about teasing, fully aware of the feathered menace above. The owlets crane their heads and peer down at the cats somehow understanding that these are not snack items lying on the hot concrete of the driveway.
At the moment, one of my own owlets is making test flights out of the nest, spending every third night or so with the girlfriend. Circling back around to reassure us where and how he is. Grown, or so he thinks. It's inevitable but still pulls on the heart in new ways. I can still remember precisely what it felt like the first time my first child made that first twanging somersault inside of me nearly twenty-six years ago.


Karoda said...

A family of owls! that is very cool or at least I imagine it to be very cool to observe. I also like your 'other place'. I have a site that features my postcards that are available for purchase but I need to figure out how to drive more traffic to it directly.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous said...

fantastic! I envy your owls! Our Sparrows moved out and I can't tell who they are among all of the birds who come to our feeders.
Sounds like you have good mothering skills with your own owlets!

8:31 AM  

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