Fiddleheads trouble

Here's the whole thing, wonky shape and all. Good sized, almost 50" wide, something is missing, lacking, wandering around in the ether waiting to join it. The temptation to bead this one is strong (I just got an order in from Fire Mt.) not that I usually bead things. In the past, I have beaded only to spend minutes removing what took hours to sew on. Maybe I should just put this one away for now, but it's supposed to rain today.....


Sonji Hunt said...

I love the detail shot of this piece. It is lovely and very much like a warm summer evening.

If it were mine (oh, no...here she goes again...) I would add some larger focal element(s) in the upper left hand corner.

I am pondering my own painted and quilted piece that is sort of overall landscape-ish and have found, through using my construction paper cut out shapes, that I am more satisfied when I have an object going on an adventure through my spaces. Have pod will travel. Oh, that's a good title for when I blog about it.

11:45 AM  

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