Gladiator Hooves

That's what Colin said they looked like. I don't care. They feel like someone with a very large tongue is licking my feet. I think I am falling under the spell of the other shoe freaks, er, acquisitors in this blog ring. When things are going badly..shop for shoes, even in Walmart. If I don't get a grip on myself, these may be the last shoes I ever buy. Oh, my blood pressure wasn't that high. Just high enough for my doctor to start aggravating me about it. But I am taking her admonitions seriously for the first time in my life. More on that another time.
Ah, the frosting on Life's cake - we are without water in the house, or more precisely, without a place to put any more water. We have had a record 14.5 inches of rain here in Georgia in the month of July (which is not yet over) and the ground water has overwhelmed our septic system. They can't come to pump it out until Monday. Fortunately, some friends have an empty rental house 5 minutes away for all the necessaries but sheeeesh !
On a happier note, I got a letter today saying that I was juried in to the Canton, GA Riverfest this coming September. Ka-Ching!


DebR said...

What do men know from shoes? I think they're great, especially when worn with the awesome ankle jewels. (Is that one multi-strand anklet or several worn together? And did you make it/them? Either way....wonderful!)

Sorry to hear about the septic system, but YAY on Riverfest and new shoes!

10:55 AM  
Sonji Hunt said...

Congratulations on being juried into your fair. I'm sure that your work will sell like Hotcakes! Bring lots of them. Patrons will be wowed by the larger work and buy the smaller work. Then, your super patron will buy the big stuff...you may acquire a corporate sponsor. Oooo.

12:52 PM  
Deborah said...

And feeling licked by a large tongue is a good thing? I'm not so sure. But, love the shoes! And yea! for being juried into the fair. Good for you!

11:20 PM  
gabrielle said...

Congrats on being accepted into Riverfest....also need those anklets myself.Please reveal source.
On to our medical situation, the SloNacin is a miracle. I have had no reaction at all, but admit when I took other nacins, I did flush. Maybe they have worked out the kinks. Not to rub it in but had blood pressure checked today 109/71...sorry, but it is probably all that exercise and better living through chemistry.
As to shoes...what does a guy know from shoes. Ronnie barely knows I have feet, much less shoes....which makes it really easy to get all those new shoes in the house.

6:47 PM  
debra said...

Love the shoes!! And they reveal that you have a long second toe. A sign of exceptional intelligence. Show that asset off!!

Love the anklets...

Sorry about the septic system.

10:43 AM  
debra said...

Oh, yeah... Why do not have an RSS feed to your blog??

10:44 AM  

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