Happy 4th of July

I can't complain too much about the crappy weather yesterday and today. I was forced to stay inside, do some guilt-assuaging chores and got down to some serious creative work avoidance (design troubles of "Fiddleheads & Fireflies") with this piece that mostly created itself starting yesterday afternoon. Title: "The Celebratory Cod is Spared Another Year". I have been itching to use those dyed cutwork curtains since I brought them home from Goodwill.


Karoda said...

Deborah, I love this piece! The colours are on fire and the piece on the right kicks it off for me! The piece at the bottom looks like a hot rod car to me but not a fish.

5:57 PM  
Pat's Place said...

This is marvelous! I love the colors - so bright, strong and lively. And the quilting is wonderful, too. It's a great look you've acquired using the cutwork curtains - fantastic idea. Adds depth and dimension, for sure.
The Cod, however, looks a bit like several Unicorns rolling over in the grass together! And I love it!

11:01 PM  
DebR said...

LOVE how this one turned out!!

(And I think I have those curtains, undyed. LOL!)

8:54 AM  
arlee said...

WOWSA! Hmm i musta left my cutwork curtains in my other pants......rummage rummage

11:52 AM  
Elle said...

Ooo! These colors are so vibrant!

1:25 AM  

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