the Perfect Summer Day

Sleeping in, fresh coffee made by my Good Man Jim, the NY Times and a summer bouquet on the kitchen table. Then, the onerous task of cleaning the pool while I listen to a Braves game, paddle about, bask, do a few laps, watch the clouds go by and then play with some friends

If you have a fast connection, here is a little film.And here is the sequel.


Elle said...

Thanks for the little dragonfly film. It brought a smile to my face during my otherwise suck-y day here at work.

11:55 AM  
gabrielle said...

Where are you, my dear...missing your posts...hope all is well.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous said...


8:05 PM  
Anonymous said...

what a delightful experience, to have a dragonfly pet! even if only for a few minutes!

Stacy in Miami (QA)

3:11 PM  

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