Christmas in August

I have had such treasures of art, knowledge and friendship heaped on me in the past few days I am scratching my head and wondering what the stars and the wheel of life are up to.
To start with, our local fiber art group, Fiber Fandango held our long overdue meeting yesterday and Kathy Harben presented me with my Bag-0-stuff quilt. I have hoarded this clutch of fabrics for a long time not knowing what to do with them. She turned them in to beauty and magic just for me. This is "Night Bird"

At the same meeting, Debbie showed us how to make a bag with a mitered corner. Once the lightbulb went off and I could visualize what she was explaining so patiently, I knew the true meaning of the expression "DUH!". Once I got home and the after-dinner dust settled, I stole up to the studio and churned this one out in 15 minutes. What a cool trick.

Then today the US Postal Service brought the frosting on the cake. A letter from my dearest Borin, best buddy from college a million years ago, containing my personal swatch of art history - a swatch from the Gates in Central Park . I know she braved a great deal to secure this for me. It's been lost in the bowels of the Postal Service for months, finally returned to her and then straight as an arrow to me:

And last but not least, a treat that made me and my GoodMan Jim laugh out loud with delight - a postcard custom made for me by Deb Richardson. Hey! That's MY foot!


debra said...

OOO... you had a good mail day!! I kept looking at Debbie's photo page trying to find the directions for the bag.. then realized she shared them with you in person. Duh!! Must get more coffee.

9:55 AM  
Cathy said...

Way cool! I love the postcard. What a great day you had. The bird is a also very special.

10:05 AM  
DebR said...

Glad the postcard made it safely and that you like it. :-)

I love the bird quilt!

10:35 AM  

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