As much as I enjoyed a beautiful beach week with family, it was good to come home. By the time I got off the plane in Atlanta I wasn't feeling like a very good traveler because, somewhere along the last few days, I have come down with a world class summer cold. And I have to apologize to family, very few of the candid photos I took came out well. I hope everyone else fared better than I did in that department. I was just having too good a time to worry about dragging the camera along and when I did, using it properly.
For many years my siblings have rented a cottage about three blocks from Scarborough Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island often coming back to the same little house on Angel Road. This was the first time in almost 20 years that I was able to join them. Let's see - there was my brother Rob, his twin sons Ryder & Reno, their mom Linda and her teenage daughter Alyssa. Alyssa's friend Nestlehan and her mom, Nevin who help with the babies and chatter in musical Turkish. My sister Patty and her teenage daughter Kim. Doggies Debo and Buddy.Whew! On Sunday my other sister Kitty drove up for the day with my parents in tow bound for an evening at Foxwood Casino. Quite a circus for a two bedroom cottage. Thank goodness for screened porches and outdoor hotwater showers.
I was the early riser of the group making a pot of coffee and walking down to the shore before the cleanup crew even got out onto the sand. Early birds get the prizes :
I was so happy to find this almost new beach towel washed up on the shore. Once washed and dried, it was big enough to preserve all my modesty coming and going to the outdoor shower. The next morning I found a 90 inch square embroidered tablecloth half buried in the sand just minutes before the cleaners came. They clean the beaches by dragging huge sections of chain link fence and sharp rakes with a speeding tractor that slows down for nothing. He would run over a Prada bag in a heartbeat. I was hesitant to take it home so I rinsed it in the showers and hung it over a railing so people could see it but after a few hours I decided it wasn't worth a sunburn so I claimed it and toted it home. The embroidery is pedestrian but the fabric is sumptuous so into the dyepot it will go. I also scored half a dozen large damask tablecloths for a pittance at a local flea market.
I was going to ship it all home but once I hauled it into the local UPS store, I found I had 22 pounds of miscellaneous fabric so I borrow a dufflebag from my brother and called it my second carry on bag. Thanks, Independence Air.
I have to give Rob extra credit here for being the sane, cool head in a household swirling with female drama. When things got tense or busy and the babies got cranky, he would load them into the Radio Flyer and off they would go to see what they could see. Peace restored to all with a little loving distance and patience.


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