I'm kvelling!

kvell (kvel) verb intr.
To feel proud; to beam; to gloat (I try not to).
[From Yiddish kveln, from German quellen (to gush, to well up).]

Yes, kvelling is le mot juste for how I am feeling right now.
Today I found out that "Night Traveler" and "Spontaneous Construction" were both juried into the PAQA-South Members show "ART QUILTS - Contemporary Traditons" and yes, that is "Night Traveler" they used on the call for entry page.

To celebrate, this friday afternoon I am hauling all the fabric I can stuff into my biggest suitcase down to Panama City. A good friend has access to a luxury condo where we cook, eat, loll around - I do the beach and pool - just generally relax and enjoy being without drama for a few a days. I will rip and tear, glue and pin and generally build up my stash of HotCakes. Now I have to dig up all the CDs I want to have for the six hour ride.

I've been thinking about that list of 10 favorite songs and have decided that it's completely impossible to reduce my list to only ten. I listen to music that ranges from Mozart to Moby with stops at Swing, 50's DooWop, Old School Jazz and that damnable Hippity Hop music along the way. I also subscribe to the "Earworm" theory so there is always music playing in my head and very frequently leaking out of my lips and/or nose. Secret desire? To sing the Star Spangled Banner for the opening game of the world series - the Braves vs. Anybody. Bring it on!


gabrielle said...

Hey Deb you are on a roll. Get more of those prospectus out and keep on submitting. When you're hot, you're hot. Congrats and here's to more acceptance letters.

8:24 AM  
Yolie said...

Wowie! How fantastic that Night Traveler piece is. Congratulations. Your work is amazing.

11:22 AM  
JulieZS said...

Me too with music. I didn't even try that pick 10 faves. No way would it be possible. And how about that new Moby cd "Hotel", I love it, and my 12 year old keeps stealing it from me.
Congrats on Night Traveler's success! I love that piece.

4:26 PM  
DebR said...

Congrats on the wave of show acceptances! Yay you!!

And if you ever get to sing the Star-Spangled Banner at a Braves game, be sure to let us know, cuz I would watch that!!

(I sing it in the car sometimes just to prove to myself that I can, but I don't know that I'd want to sing it in front of anyone. I've gotta start in *just* the right key in order to do it without screeching.)

9:58 PM  
Sonji Hunt said...

More congratulations, Deb. Wow. It's amazing how different the two quilts look. It will be cool to see them in exhibited together.

12:11 AM  
Elle said...


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