Art is doing me some good too, it seems.

When the call went out for works to be donated, I started rummaging through the ol' inventory and kept coming across work that I had forgotten about. Some pieces I thought "What was I thinking?" and worse "Who made This crap?". Others reminded me of directions that I wanted to go deeper into. Has anyone else done this and been surprised by what they have found in the tubs and closets? Have you picked up trails you had forgotten?

One of those small pieces, "Duo" caught my eye and has inspired a series of more than a dozen notebook-sized works with no end in sight in just the past week.
As the "Gesture" series was partly inspired by images of couples supporting one another during the aftermath of Katrina, I decided to commit two of them to the "Art Doing Good" Red cross relief effort.

I like naming my pieces and didn't want to just number these. After some thought I realized that I know a great many couples who have been together a long, long time so I decided to name these after all my family and friends who have stuck together through all life has thrown their way.

Gesture: Bob & Vera
"Gesture: Bob & Vera" for my Uncle Bob (the Pirate) Murray and his long-suffering wife, Vera. She was short, stout and when I was growing up fat I was always told "You look just like Vera." Well, I got a lot taller and by her example vowed I would not put up with a cad. Bless your heart, Vera, for not killing that ukelele totin' fool all those years, bless him too.

Gesture: Tommy & Barb
"Gesture: Tommy & Barb" is named for my friends the Mazurs who have been married forever & ever.

Thanks again to the organizers of this amazing effort, to the artists who donated, and those who bought the art.


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