The Book ( ISBN 1-57486-570-6 )

Here's the piece, Striae 2, that they used in the book.
Which I can't even find a picture of anywhere on the internet. It's called Fabric Art Gallery, produced by Banar Designs and published by Leisure Arts but I guess it's too new to have made it to he website yet.. It's a nice little softcover, fat magazine laid out just like a nice show catalog with very nice photographs of 34 works from almost as many artist with statements from each. I can't complain about the writing - she used my copy word for word. I am in such great company; Janet Ghio, Phil D. Jones, Peg Keeney, Pat Kumicich, Therese May, Lesley Riley, Rose Rushbrooke, are all names that I recognize but then I don't get out much art-world-wise. Thanks for all the kudos from my friends and thanks to Nancy Javier of Banar Designs for inviting me to participate and doing such a great job with the book. The letter accompanying the book said their books were usually distributed at places like JoAnns and Michaels and I am going to get a few copies to send to family of course.


Caitlin O'Connor said...

That's a beautiful piece! Do let us know the ISBN when you can, I want to be able to get the book!

12:20 AM  
Elle said...

This piece is beautiful! I love your Striae work...

12:13 AM  
Olenka said...

Beautiful, soothing, nourishing.

10:44 AM  

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